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The Team of HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH

HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH is a german company in Bad Endorf (Bavaria). We are specialized on production of biathlon shooting target systems and provide also the service and the equipment for such kind of biathlon competitions.

The Team of HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH:


Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Ralph Kleinekathöfer

(Managing Director)

Maxie Fischer

(Confidential clerk)


Günther Werner

(Software and Development)

Alex Berger

(Production & Support, Engineering)

Florian Bauer

(Production/Service Technician/Competition Support)

Mario Pothast

(Production & Support, Engineering)

Job offer:


Klaus Pertl

(Artwork/Service Technician/Competition Support)

Max Dittenhofer