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Welcome at the company HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH. You want to organize a biathlon competition and you need a target system. HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH will be the right partner for you. We offer professional equipment for each biathlon competition format even a full electronic biathlon target system. In this way you can handle your competition in World Cup Format.

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Biathlon Air Rifle Targets

Please find all information about our Biathlon Air Rifle Targets here:

Air rifle targets Biathlon


Current biathlon competitions with HoRa shooting targets. Details...

HoRa 2000 L - Laser Biathlon Target

Here you will find information about our laser biathlon targets.

Details: HoRa 2000 L: 50m

  • HoRa 2000 E HoRa 2000 E

  • HoRa 2000 E HoRa 2000 E

  • HoRa 2000 E - Rückansicht HoRa 2000 E - Rückansicht

  • Elektronische Steuereinheit Elektronische Steuereinheit

  • Schießstand liegend Schießstand liegend

  • Schießstand stehend Schießstand stehend

  • Blockschaltbild Blockschaltbild

  • Schrank mit Keyboards Schrank mit Keyboards

  • Keyboard mit AutoClear Keyboard mit AutoClear

  • Eingabeterminal mit Haube Eingabeterminal mit Haube

  • Eingabeterminal Eingabeterminal

  • Zentraleinheit Zentraleinheit

  • Software Software

HoRa 2000 E - Full Electronic Biathlon Targets


Here you find all information about our HoRa 2000 E – the full electronic Biathlon targets. These targets are used for countless World Cups, IBU Cups and many other competitions, including Olympic Winter Games. A full list of shooting ranges can be found here: Permanent Installations - HoRa 2000 E Targets


Our targets HoRa 2000 E are the only full electronic shooting targets worldwide.


To ensure utmost reliability all processes are recorded on two independent channels, from recording to PC supply. Due to the micro process technique in the electronic every shot can be evaluated individually.

The reliability enables the use all year round in daily training like at the training centers in Ruhpolding, Oberhof and others worldwide. The easy handling in training and competition speaks in its favor.


Details can be found here: HoRa 2000 E - Electronic Biathlon Target

Olympic Winter Games with Service of HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH

SOCHI 2014