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Products of HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH

Welcome to our products page. We offer shooting targets for different kind of sports, from Biathlon to Modern Pentathlon. Here you will find everything from accessory till to a complete solution for a shooting target. If you have request about our products, please contact us.


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Keyboard Plus - trainer software

A modern Trainings System for professional demands.

The "keyboard plus" helps the coaches doing their job

The "keyboard plus" controls 3 electronic HoRa targets and may via data cable to the serial port (COM1 / 2) of a notebook / laptop can be connected. With the program "HoRa trainer" you can make a complex training program with up to 15 biathletes, with all relevant runtimes and shoot information is collected automatically with one click. Export (xls, csv, pdf) and expression are of course possible.