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Welcome to our products page. We offer shooting targets for different kind of sports, from Biathlon to Modern Pentathlon. Here you will find everything from accessory till to a complete solution for a shooting target. If you have request about our products, please contact us.


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HoRa 2000 E - Electronic Biathlon Target

HoRa 2000 E - rear view

The rear view shows the location of the hit plates, which are equipped with electronic sensors. The shot energy is detected precisely without being dependent on any mechanisms which could be susceptible to the weather. Every shot is evaluated in the electronics by means of the modern microprocessor dual controlled technology. All seperate impacts are recognized as a hit or a miss and displayed by means of white flaps and also passed on to the connected computer. The accuracy of this measuring system is even significantly higher than required by the IBU regulations. The high stability of the technology allows for use during exercises through out the year under the hardest conditions, e. g. in the " Bundes-leistungszentrum" ( training center ) "Ruhpolding" or in "Oberhof". The user-friendly operating device for training operation allows the selection of standing-prone and the reset of the targets by just pushing a button. The Keyboard is able to be set into an 'automatic mode' which allows to shoot and reset the targets without touching the remote control. See also 'Components of the Target System '. In competition operation, entry terminals are used to register the start numbers. In addition, all relevant shooting data is calculated here. Without any visible time differences, the data is then collected and forwarded by the connected Central Unit. Its application scope ranges from immediately possible comparison with the hand protocols to perfect competition analysis up to time-synchronized TV graphics, leaving nothing to be desired. All interesting data is shown at the laptop under Windows® with modern window technology and can already be printed and further processed at any time while the competition is still in progress. So the highest possible reliability is guaranteed, all of the processes from registration to PC feed-in take place on two channels that are independent from each other. (Complete only with use of main and backup systems). Also in the case of longer periods of power failures, data is not lost because the entire function of the system is buffered by means of two battery packs which are able to energize the complete target system for several days. (Approved by the technical commission of the IBU as of Sept. 1987, annex A No.




Components of HoRa 2000 E
Diagram HoRa 2000 E