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Welcome to our products page. We offer shooting targets for different kind of sports, from Biathlon to Modern Pentathlon. Here you will find everything from accessory till to a complete solution for a shooting target. If you have request about our products, please contact us.


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HoRa 2000 L - Laser Biathlon System

  • Implementation of the system as "Sprint" - mountable in any stock of a "Anschütz-Biathlon-Rifle".

  • The system is also available for left-handed

  • Original distance of 50 meters, shorter distance as 20 meters is possible.

  • Realistic details such as handling of various short magazines and ammunition sound from speakers for the astonished audience.
  • The loaading is equivalent to the 1827F Biathlon Fortner produced by Peter Fortner Jagd- und Sportwaffentechnik, who is also our partner for production.
  • Original Anschütz trigger (trigger weight 500g, adjustable).
  • Singleshotsarerechargeable (like in a relay or after loading mistakes).
  • Idealfor trainingin the professional sector for dry firing with immediate feedback about hits and misses.
  • Easy use at home or abroad and easy transport (no problems at borders).
  • Perfect for Events (photos). Shooting Target, rifle and accessories can be rented from us!
  • The system HoRa 2000 L is safe  - Use of Class 1 - Laser
  • Prices only on request
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