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Produkte von HoRa Systemtechnik GmbH

Sie befinden sich im Bereich Produkte. Wir bieten Ihnen Schiessstände für verschiedene Sportarten wie z.B. Biathlon und Moderner Fünfkampf. Bei uns finden Sie vom kleinen Zubehörteil bis zur Komplettlösung alles rund um das Thema Schiessstände. Haben Sie Fragen zu den Produkten kontaktieren Sie uns bitte und wir helfen Ihnen gern weiter.


Ihr Team von HoRa.

HoRa 2000 L - Original distance 50m

You can shoot with our HoRa 2000 L Laser Rifle over the original distance of 50m (see pictures). 

The high professional targets (first picture) enable the identical evaluation of a competition as the HoRa 2000 E and has the same competition layout as the HoRa 2000 E. Furthermore a original TV presentation is possible. Every hit and miss is supported by a acoustic signal. It is hard for the audience to tell the difference between the HoRa 2000 L and HoRa 2000 E. 

We see the HoRa 2000 L as a support for the HoRa 200 E, in order to present you a integral set of products. 



Fields of use: Sport events - Incentives - Seminars - Open House Day - Birthdays - Weddings


Prices only on request. Contact:

Besides our normal laser rifle it is also possible to put the laser system in any athletes’ rifle stock. The change of the systems from small bore to laser is possible without any problems within seconds. 

Athletes can train with the laser everywhere - with their very own stock. 

The aperture insert is exchangeable, the front sight at the end of the barrel is the same as with the Anschütz Biathlon rifles. Due to an adapter shorter distances are possible, too (new zeroing necessary). 


The pictures show Tarje Boe and athletes from the Ukrainian and Russian team at the World Team Challenge at Schalke. The laser systems were put in the athletes’ stocks just before the competition. 


Fields of use: Dry fire at home or hotel - preparation before competitions in the hotel at venues with restrictive laws - support of shooting training at home